We produce a unique electron beam generator with precise beam control.

  • Easily exchangeable cathode.
  • Easy and fast procedure for replacing the cathode.
  • Precision device for mounting the cathode (cathode mounting tool).

It consists of 2 main parts:

1) Electron gun for particularly precise beam control. Equipped with triode with a direct heated tungsten hair pin, ribbon-type or LaB6 cathode to form an axisymmetric electron beam with a small crossover, providing a circular focal spot shape during welding.

2) High voltage power supply delivers the continuously adjustable beam voltage from 5 to 60 kV (Minimum step size is 20 V). Due to the pulse mode, MICROBEAM is able to perform precise energy and heat transferring

Spot size @ 1 mA< 50µm
Min spot sizeDown to 25 µm (SEM-mode)
Beam energymax. 60 keV
Beam wattagemax. 2 kW
Beam currentmax. 33 mA / 40mA
Deflection range± 8 to ± 15° (depending on configuration)
Cathodedirectly heated tungsten filament (0.15 mm),  directly heated ribbon filament (0.4 mm),  optional LaB6 emitter
Flange diameter105 mm
Mains supplyPower and wattage depending on pumping
Acceleration voltage5 to 60 kV
Min. voltage step size20 V
Pulsing modeBeam pulsing down to 10μsec pulse width; up to 5kHz pulse frequency
Beam current0.050 to 33 mA (limited by max. wattage)
Min. current step size1μA
Wattagemax. 2 kW
Wehnelt voltageup to -1250 V
Filament currentmax. 5 A
Filament voltagemax. 5 V
Filament wattagemax. 25 W

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