Precise electron beam welding is widely used in the aerospace industry for the welding of critical components that require exceptional precision, reliability, and strength and must meet rigorous performance and safety standards. The high level of precision and reliability offered by electron beam welding ensures that the welded components meet these standards and perform reliably in harsh environments. FOCUS electron beam welding machines with unique precise gun is designed for welding small and complex components. It features a high-vacuum environment and a sophisticated electron beam focusing system that allows for precise control over the welding process.

The aerospace industry is using precise electron beam welding for the production of aviation components, spacecraft (such as rockets and satellites), and defence systems and devices.

Challenging materials such as titanium and tungsten are commonly used in this segment. The components must be lightweight yet strong, and must function reliably in extreme temperature ranges, such as those found in jet propulsion systems for airplanes or in the external housing of a satellite. The material properties of these components are highly demanding, and their reliability and resilience are of utmost importance due to the challenging ambient conditions and stringent safety requirements.

Precise electron beam welding is also used in the aerospace industry for the production of sensors that are used in various aircraft systems. Precise electron beam welding is particularly well-suited for the fabrication of small and intricate sensor components that require exceptional accuracy and reliability. Standard parts that are welded by aerospace users using electron beam welding include:

  • Proportional valves
  • Microwave paths
  • Pressure vessels and autoclaves
  • All kind of sensors: pressure, temperature, position sensors etc.
  • Accelerometers

Electron beam welding is also used to join critical engine components such as turbine blades, fuel injectors, and combustion chambers. These components are subjected to high temperatures, stress, and pressure, and require precise welding to ensure their reliability and performance.