Multi drum rotary motion manipulator:
A modular multi drum rotary motion manipulator has been developed to allow welding of either one, six or even twelve workpieces within one vacuum cycle. The drive unit is mounted vertically or horizontally outside to the chamber. Inside the chamber, the drive unit can be equipped with either a one, a six or even a twelve fold rotary work piece holder.

An easy to use tooling helps to change quickly between different configurations. The motion is equipped with two motors for rotation and indexing and allows fastest cycle times. The devices can also be ordered with a tail stock or counter bearings.

Generator Slide:
The new generator slide allows for individual lateral positioning of the power beam in the vacuum chamber. In combination with the fixed mounted rotary motion manipulators, the generator slide allows for flexible beam positioning for radial or axial welds. Multiple radial or axial welds within one vacuum cycle is possible.

Turning- & Tilting Motion:
The modular tilt and turning device allows an angled position of the turning device for radial or axial welds. The tilting of the turning device allows for easy excess to fillet welds or other special welding geometries. This device includes several unique features, making it a more versatile tool for micro manipulation and welding. The devices grant a tight specification. Together with the minimized backlash and in combination with a precise x- y- table, free 3D interpolated workpiece positioning for welding or surface treatment becomes possible. Furthermore the turning device has a wide inner passage. This allows an easy manipulation and welding of long shafted rotational parts. Finally the devices are modular and easy to disassemble to be used separately.

Wire Feeder:
For 3D printing and additive manufacturing technologies FOCUS offers to equip the vacuum chamber with one or more wire feeders. The wire feeder is suitable for wires of various diameters, as option has a built-in encoder to calculate the true material feed rate, as well as a feeder cooling system.

A wire feeder can be installed on chambers equipped with electron beam gun or laser.

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