Short Description

  • Heated cathode in the generator produces an electron cloud
  • High voltage accelerates electrons towards the anode
  • Lenses are focusing the electron beam
  • Guidance of the electron beam by magnetic fields
  • Welding feed by component movement or beam deflection
  • The impact of electrons on components causes conversion of kinetic energy into thermal energy
  • X-rays are produced on impact


  • Very fast, inertia-free deflection of the electron beam
  • multi-melting bath technique possible
  • high feed rates
  • large welding depths achievable, controllable by variation of acceleration voltage (beam energy)
  • low heat-affected zone and short cooling times
  • for almost all metals (incl. refractory), metal pairings
  • high energy efficiency of the generator


  • (Lead) shielding of X-ray radiation required
  • Demagnetization of components maybe required
  • Continuous wear of the cathode
  • Only works with conductive materials