Best performance for axial & radial electron beam welding. Compact working chamber and turning chuck mounted on a CNC driven z-axis.

Key Features

  • 2 kW electron beam gun for precise welding
  • 7-litre-working chamber (cylindrical): Ø235 mm, depth 155 mm
  • The outer work piece diameter can range from approx. ø 3 mm up to ø 135 mm.
  • Compact footprint 2 x 2,5 m, adjustable


  • Unique gun for particularly precise beam control. The spot diameter at 1 mA is less than 50 µm. The extremely fine adjustable and focusable electron beam together with its fast deflection and pulsing abilities brings electron beam welding to a new level of welding systems. With the precision focusing system we achieve excellent control and repeatability of the welding process
  • Our precise high voltage power supply delivers the continuously adjustable beam voltage from 5 to 60 kV (Minimum step size is 20 V). Due to the pulse mode, FOCUS POWERBEAM is able to perform precise energy and heat transferring
  •  SEM (scanning electron microscopy) mode for exact positioning of the electron beam. With the FOCUS POWERBEAM the work piece can be observed in the microscopic range with a resolution down to about 25 µm
  • Various fixtures options: for single piece or multiple, with tailstock, preloaded, with heat dissipation and temperature sensors