The nuclear industry requires high-quality and precise welding to ensure the safety and reliability of nuclear components. Electron beam welding is a preferred and verified technology for nuclear industry applications due to its ability to produce high-quality and precise welds. FOCUS electron beam welding machines with precise electron beam generator fits to the task of welding light alloy and refractory metals, such as aluminium, titanium, zirconium and others. Electron beam technology provides the best quality results for different steels and copper.

The precise electron beam welding machines from FOCUS GmbH are used for welding fuel rods to end caps to create nuclear fuel assemblies. These assemblies are critical components of nuclear reactors and must be manufactured to high quality standards. The electron beam welding process ensures a precise and repeatable weld, resulting in high-quality fuel assemblies that meet strict nuclear safety requirements.

Precise electron beam welding machines are also used to manufacture various reactor components, such as pressure vessels, steam generators, and heat exchangers. These components are exposed to harsh environments, high temperatures, and high pressures, requiring reliable and precise welds. The electron beam welding process produces welds with low distortion and minimal heat-affected zones, resulting in components with high structural integrity and improved performance.

FOCUS electron beam welding machines could be designed for installation in glovebox and in production line.

Some of the parts in the nuclear industry that are typically welded using electron beam welding machines include:

  • Fuel rods
  • Control rods
  • Pressure vessels
  • Piping
  • Steam generators